On-Campus Faculty Partnership

Undergraduate students learn best from faculty who know them best.

At IHS, we believe that ideas can change the world – and that one of the best ways to foster discussion about the big questions of human nature and society is to empower faculty to engage more deeply with students through extracurricular activities.

That’s why we created the On-Campus Faculty Partnership. Through this program, we work with faculty across the country to host events that explore ideas of freedom beyond the classroom.

This partnership provides support for faculty-driven educational events aimed at undergraduate students that raise and consider fundamental questions about free societies.

Already know you want to work with us? We are accepting proposals on a rolling basis.

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“This is a great opportunity to spend time with students beyond the classroom, without grades and evaluation hanging over people’s heads, and explore Big Ideas in a relaxed-but-rigorous environment.”

-IHS Faculty Partner

Create an event that suits you and your campus.

We support a variety of event formats, including:

Dr. James Hartley got a small group of students talking about Hayek through a semester-long reading group. Dr. Glenn Moots galvanized his campus and his community through three large-scale debates. While the approaches differed, both professors succeeded in inspiring their students to consider important social issues on a deeper level.

View our interactive map for a list of upcoming events hosted by IHS partner faculty.

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It’s more than a grant.

In addition to financial assistance, IHS can help you plan and promote your own event.

IHS can provide input on topics and help identify and secure speakers based on decades of running student programs with our network of scholars around the world. We can also help coordinate logistics and execute event marketing to complement your own promotion on campus.

Be a champion of diverse perspectives.

Every college campus should foster an environment in which undergraduate students are exposed to a diversity of perspectives. Your partnership with IHS will spark ideas and conversations about a free society that students may otherwise not have the chance to encounter.

“This was a wonderful event in which students heard a perspective…that they would not have otherwise heard. I think it challenged some of their assumptions and encouraged them to pursue these questions in more depth!”

-IHS Faculty Partner

Submit Your Partnership Idea

We currently invite proposals on a rolling basis. Questions? Please review our FAQs below, or speak to a program representative by contacting us at OnCampusEd@TheIHS.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Faculty interested in introducing students to the classical liberal tradition and its various thinkers, texts, and arguments, to encourage campus conversations on timeless questions about society. We partner with full-or part-time faculty affiliated with institutions in the United States.

I have a topic in mind but don’t know who might be best to speak on it. Can IHS help me to find the right speakers?
Absolutely! IHS is able to recommend speakers from our network of scholars of over ten thousand scholars. Submit a proposal and we’ll work with you to identify the right speaker for your event.

Can student clubs, undergraduates, or graduate students apply?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, only faculty are eligible to apply. If you’re a student, check out the list of events hosted by our faculty partners and recommend faculty you know for this program.

I’m concerned about my schedule. What is the time commitment on my part?
IHS is here to help. We are able to customize our involvement to meet your unique needs. In some cases, IHS plans conference logistics and sends staff members to help run the event on the ground; in others, we make monetary awards with planning responsibilities left to the hosting faculty member.

I have a few ideas for programming on my campus. Can I apply for more than one event?
Yes. You may submit as many proposals as you like, one for each event idea you have. Our team will work with you to craft the best mix of programming.

I am seeking funding to support my research, develop a new course, or publish a book. Can I apply through the On-Campus Faculty Partnership?
This program only supports activities directly aimed at undergraduate education. Please visit our other resources for supporting the research and teaching of academics and graduate students.