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Video 1—Liberalism and Equality of Opportunity—Dr. David Schmidtz
Liberalism and Equality of Opportunity-PPE

The quotation “… all men are created equal…” is part of the United States Declaration of Independence.” What the U.S. declared was that our society is not hierarchical. Our society is not based on class or caste system. Today, we expect equal treatment for all under the law. In this video, Dr. David Schmidtz examines how liberal equality recognizes that various dimensions of moral worth can also be affected by our choices. Watch video …

Video 2—Equal Treatment or Equal Outcome—Dr. David Schmidtz
Equal Treatment or Equal Outcome-PPE

In this video, Dr. David Schmidtz examines the journey towards political equality. Equality is a genuine moral ideal. Each citizen has the right and responsibility to participate as equals in the life of a community. A society’s purpose is not to measure relative performance and declare a winner but simply to be a good place for everyone to live. Watch video…

Video 3—The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer—Dr. David Schmidtz
The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer-PPE

You have heard the saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The assumption can be made that society is a zero-sum game. But, how many games do you know where you win by making other players winners too? Dr. David Schmidtz explains the modern take on how society can bring services to market that our customers want and offer our services at a price people can afford. Watch video …

Video 4—Equal Shares and the Idea of a Social Contract—Dr. David Schmidtz
Equal Shares and the Idea of a Social Contract-PPE

The philosophical thought experiment of social contract theory is the belief that a persons’ moral and political obligations are dependent upon an agreement among individuals to form the society in which they live. Philosophers have long sought to specify principles of justice by asking what we would agree to if we came to a bargaining table to negotiate the outlines of a society in which we subsequently would live. Watch video …