Online Resources for Your Students

Reach your students with short and engaging videos that illustrate the principles of a free society. 

The Institute for Humane Studies’ Learn Liberty Project (or Program) is dedicated to educating undergraduate students interested in social and economic freedom. We’ve worked with over 135 professors to educate more than 22 million students via our blog and short videos.

The following playlists provide a few examples of the issues students were engaging with this summer.

Learn Liberty

Academic Freedom & Free Speech on Campus

An overview of why academic freedom is so crucial to a flourishing society and how it is under attack today.

Learn Liberty

Behavioral Economics

An engaging overview of how and why the economy works, in five three-minute episodes.

Learn Liberty

2016 Presidential Election Issues

A balanced examination of six of the most important issues presidential candidates have been talking about this summer.

Learn Liberty

America's Founding

A basic overview of the key figures and ideas that led a group of colonists to create their own nation.

In addition to playlists, we create individual videos that convey important societal principles within a few minutes.

These videos are free to access, and many faculty members have found them to be valuable resources in getting students to engage with inside and outside of the classroom. Below is some of the material that has resonated most with students to date.

Learn Liberty

Is Raising the Minimum Wage a Bad Idea?

Prof. Don Boudreaux explains why raising minimum wage actually hurts an employee’s chances of getting a job.

Learn Liberty

Free Will and Human Dignity: A Love Story

Prof. James Otteson recalls a lesson his teacher taught him in high school to illustrate the importance of free will.

Learn Liberty

What If There Were No Prices?

Prof. Howard Baetjer Jr. explains how market prices work through the railroad thought experiment.

Learn Liberty

What Caused the Economic Boom of Wealth?

Prof. Deirdre McCloskey explains how economic freedom has resulted in a dramatic explosion in overall wealth.