Kelly Jemison Needham

Senior Manager, Performance Measurement & CRM

Kelly first became interested in the ideas of liberty at an IHS Summer Seminar after her freshmen year of college. This inspired her to bring these ideas back to her school where she founded the activist group Madison Liberty at James Madison University. After graduating in 2011 with a B.A. in Economics, she began working full-time for Students For Liberty, eventually serving as their director of events & operations. There she oversaw the International Students for Liberty Conference which drew over 1,700 young people to DC in February 2015. She then spent a year at Americans for Prosperity Foundation where she worked on the operations team for the Grassroots Leadership Academy project.

Kelly is now thrilled to be at the organization that originally drew her toward a career in the libertarian non-profit sphere. As a Senior Manager on the Performance Measurement & CRM team, she administers Salesforce, ensures data quality and reports on the organization’s activities to major stakeholders.

Kelly is a DC area native who loves running, hiking and rock climbing. When she is not training for a triathlon or scaling a mountain she enjoys relaxing with her husband, cat “Agent Cooper” and a craft beer watching the Redskins and Nationals.