Rachel Swaffer

Director of Network Relations

Rachel Swaffer is the Director of Network Relations at the Institute for Humane Studies, where she oversees network strategy, strategic partnerships, coalition relations, and conference outreach for the organization.

In this capacity, Rachel directs organizational strategy ensuring that IHS and her partners fully capitalize on opportunities for collaboration with faculty, administrative leaders, university centers, and external organizations – ensuring that ideas within the classical liberal tradition thrive within the academy and are further leveraged beyond the university.

Rachel leads academic and policy outreach teams tasked with developing integrated networks to advance classical liberal scholars and scholarship both within and beyond the academy. They work directly with internal stakeholders, external partners, policy allies, and our network of over 10,000 current and aspiring faculty to leverage these networks at the campus, state, and national level.

Prior to joining IHS, Rachel worked in process management for the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA). She also has a background in outreach and program management. A graduate of Hillsdale College and alumna of IHS programs, Rachel is passionate about the classical liberal tradition and the practical application of market principles.