About Our Seminar

During this seminar, researchers, policy experts, and key stakeholders discussed current research surrounding the effects of occupational licensing and how best to integrate this research with policy reform. A keynote address and two policy panels explored how occupational licensing affects economic mobility, health care, and criminal justice reform here in the United States. This event was co-sponsored with the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) and preceded the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Attendees were also required to attend SPN’s Annual Meeting in order to participate in this event.

Sponsored by:

IHS is sponsoring this occupational licensing research summit


Day 1
3:30 pm
Welcome and Seminar Introduction
Jeanne Hoffman, Ed Timmons
3:45 pm
Keynote Address
Morris Kleiner
4:45 pm
Panel I: Occupational Licensing as a Barrier to Economic Mobility
Brian Meehan, Stephen Slivinski, Shoshana Weissman
Day 2
9:30 am
Panel II: Occupational Licensing Restricting Healthcare Choice
Benjamin McMichael, David Mitchell, Robert Graboyes
10:45 am
Opportunities at The Institute for Humane Studies and Knee Center
Jeane Hoffman, Ed Timmons


Institute for Humane Studies

Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation at Saint Francis University

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Berry College

Arizona State University

R Street Institute

University of Alabama Law School

University of Central Arkansas

Mercatus Center at George Mason University


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