During this half-day seminar, scholars and policy experts discussed the growing debate regarding ownership of personal information when synced with an online service. The keynoter and panelists shared their research and identified gaps still needing to be filled. Seminar attendees left with a better understanding of the academy’s role in fostering privacy policies which are responsive to credible threats but do not obstruct a wide range of research contributing to the benefit of consumers and industries alike. This event was co-sponsored with the Program on Economics & Privacy at George Mason University and preceded the American Economic Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.


2:30 pm
Registration and Coffee
3:00 pm
Welcome and Seminar Introduction
Greg Wolcott
3:15 pm
Panel I: Big Data, Economic Growth, and New Consumer Privacy Regulations
Jane Bambauer (Moderator)
Ginger Zhe Jin
Deven Desai
Neil Chilson
4:30 pm
Coffee Break
5:00 pm
Panel II: Privacy and Access to Public Research Data
Jane Bambauer (Moderator)
Steve Ruggles
Luk Arbuckle
Quentin Brummet
6:15 pm
7:15 pm
Opportunities at the Institute for Humane Studies
Greg Wolcott
7:30 pm


Institute for Humane Studies

Program on Economics & Privacy at George Mason University

University of Maryland – College Park

Scheller College of Business

Charles Koch Institute

University of Minnesota

Privacy Analytics

NORC at the University of Chicago