Career Development Seminars

The Institute for Humane Studies regularly hosts Career Development Seminars for students who are interested in developing, teaching, and applying classical liberal ideas through an academic career. Check out a few of our past events listed below, and contact to learn more about upcoming seminars.

Past Events

Lunch with IHS: Is Grad School Right for You?

This luncheon took place immediately before the International Students For Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. this past February. Its objective was to help students identify if graduate school was the right path for them. Sessions explored:

  • Is Grad School Right For Me?
  • Activism Through Intellectual Careers
  • Surviving Academia as a Libertarian


  • Jason Brennan, Georgetown University
  • Antony Davies, Duquesne University
  • Phil Magness, Institute for Humane Studies
  • Nigel Ashford, Institute for Humane Studies

Dinner with IHS: The Academic Job Market and Tips for Academic Success

This event took place this March during the 2016 Public Choice Society annual meeting. It focused on helping graduate students succeed in academia. Sessions included topics such as:

  • Outlook on the Academic Job Market
  • Publishing
  • Navigating the Academic Job Interview


  • Geoffrey Brennan, Australian National University
  • Anthony Gill, University of Washington
  • Daniel D’Amico, Brown University
  • Dr. Phil Magness, Institute for Human Studies

Interested in attending a Career Development Seminar near you or even hosting one on your campus? Contact for more information.

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