Focus on Faculty

Growing the Community of Professors Committed to the Power of Freedom and Ideas

Since the 1980s, the Institute for Humane Studies has pursued an academic strategy—unique among freedom-focused organizations—to boost the ranks and effectiveness of professors who understand, teach, and research the principles of a free society. 

Why we Focus on Faculty 

While a student is on campus for a few years, a professor is on campus for 30 or more—shaping the intellectual climate of a college or university for decades.

For the past 60 years IHS has grown and supported a community of freedom-inspired scholars. IHS helps these professors have an outsized impact—with their students, on their campuses, and through their research. This influence, in turn, drives positive social change throughout society.

IHS is expanding its support for professors through:

  • Increased funding for grants that aid teaching and research
  • Seminars and workshops that strengthen research and publishing
  • A new fellows program that brings scholars of diverse viewpoints together
Focus on Faculty

Developing Future Professors

IHS professors will engage millions of students with the ideas of freedom over the course of their careers. With 60 years of experience, we’ve honed our expertise at identifying and supporting graduate students who are bright, driven, and have a passion for freedom. IHS then takes the next step to help them secure faculty placements.

IHS cultivates top graduate students through:

  • Fellowships and research grants
  • Connections to placement opportunities
  • Engagement with the IHS academic community of scholars

“At every stage of my doctoral education and in my early years as a professor, IHS has offered me smart, efficient, and invaluable support. Teaching American Studies, I have the opportunity to ensure that future generations understand the classical liberal tradition—the tradition in which tyranny is understood as the accumulation of all power in one authority and individual liberty is held dear. In other words, IHS has helped me get where I am today, with a tenure track professorship.”

Michelle Kundmueller, assistant professor of political science and geography at Old Dominion University

“It’s amazing to say this, but I have a more than 20-year history with the Institute for Humane Studies. I’ve participated in over 40 events. I want to thank you for making that possible for people like me. I don’t think I’d be a professor without the Institute for Humane Studies, so thank you very much.”

Senior Fellow Peter Jaworski, associate teaching professor at Georgetown University’s School of Business

“I’m in the career I dreamed of, teaching students about the power and beauty of freedom. If it wasn’t for the Institute for Humane Studies, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

David Schmidtz, professor of Philosophy and founding director of  the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona

With your support, we are ensuring that students—today’s citizens and tomorrow’s opinion leaders—learn about foundational ideas that have fueled extraordinary peace and prosperity.