Free Speech & Civil Discourse

Championing Free Speech and Civil Discourse on Campus and Beyond 

It’s hard to recall when American society was more polarized. This distressing turn to political tribalism is precisely why IHS launched its bold new Discourse Initiative, bringing together scholars of diverse opinions for civil conversations on difficult topics. IHS is also providing grants for research in this critical area. 

IHS fosters civil discourse in academia and society at large through:

  • Workshops and seminars on the most pressing issues in society
  • Funding for research projects that advance a free society
  • Support for scholars who provide commentary in major media 

IHS strives to be a beacon of light drawing others who share these values into a community of scholars, helping these thought leaders advance the ideas of freedom in the academy and in society at large.

IHS fosters freedom through its growing community of scholars by:

  • Helping IHS Distinguished Fellows and Senior Fellows place op-eds and hold public lectures
  • Monthly commentary by IHS President Emily Chamlee-Wright published in Forbes and other influential outlets
  • Daily content on IHS social media that gets our message out to the world

Books By IHS Faculty Partners

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With your support, IHS is ensuring that thousands of aspiring and current professors are well equipped to advance the ideas of a free society and that they have a growing impact at colleges and universities for decades to come.