Donate Stock

donate stock

You can enjoy certain tax benefits by choosing to support the work of the Institute of Humane Studies with a gift of stock, including an income tax deduction on the fair market value of the donated stock and avoidance of capital gains taxes.

Transferring stock electronically is the most secure and fastest way to make a gift.  Simply have your broker contact ours using the following information: 

Name:  Merrill Lynch
Contact: Robert Testwuide
Account #: 86Q-04013
ABA #: 044-000-804
DTC #: 8862

Phone: 703-464-8809
Fax: 703-467-9340
11951 Freedom Drive
Freedom Square, 17th Floor
Reston, VA  20190

At the time of the transfer, for audit and acknowledgement purposes, please provide us with:

Your name and complete address
Name and number of securities transferred 

If you have any questions, please contact Gary Leff at or 1-800-697-8799.