Giving Through Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a simple, contractual arrangement between you and the Institute for Humane Studies. You make a gift of cash or other property; in exchange, we agree to make a fixed quarterly payment to one or two annuitants for life.

Your payment is based on the age(s) of the annuitant(s) at the time of the gift and can never be lowered, delayed, or canceled by IHS. The older the annuitant(s), the more income IHS agrees to pay quarterly.

You can receive a higher rate by delaying payments until a future date. This is a good option for donors, typically under age 60, who wish to supplement their retirement income in the future.

You enjoy multiple tax benefits through a charitable gift annuity. You may take an income-tax deduction for the portion of your contribution that constitutes the charitable gift (determined by IRS rules). If you give appreciated securities, you will benefit from a reduction of your capital gains taxes. In addition, in most cases, part of each income payment to you as an annuitant is tax-free.

And you leave a legacy for liberty with a charitable gift annuity, because at the passing of the annuitant(s), the remaining principal in the annuity account is available to IHS for our vital work with students and professors around the country.

Please contact our Planned Giving Relations team for a personalized charitable gift annuity proposal based on your circumstances.