Reach College Students

Reach College Students

Inspiring and Educating Students with the Ideas of Freedom

The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) is the premier provider of education in the ideas of freedom for college students through innovative online, on-campus, and in-person educational programs.

There are 21 million college students in the U.S., but most are not learning about the principles of individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government. IHS is tackling this challenge head-on.

IHS educational programs take students from inspiration to understanding:

  • IHS online videos average some 11,000 views a day among the college-age population, with 25 million student-age views so far. The videos feature professors around the country addressing topics that students care about, such as inequality and jobs.
  • Through on-campus debates, reading groups, extracurricular seminars, and other on-campus events co-sponsored with local professors, IHS is taking the ideas of freedom directly to college campuses. We will reach tens of thousands of students through on-campus events across the country over three years.
  • For students ready to dig deep into the ideas of freedom, IHS offers in-depth, interdisciplinary programs including week-long summer seminars, weekend conferences, and online programs. Taught by professors of economics, history, philosophy, and more, these programs offer students a foundational understanding of the ideas of a free society and connect participants to a community of students and professors committed to the power of freedom and ideas.

With your support, we are ensuring that students—today’s citizens and tomorrow’s opinion leaders—learn about foundational ideas that have fueled extraordinary peace and prosperity.