2019 End-of-the-Year Challenge

The Charles Koch Foundation will double your contribution to the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) if you support IHS between now and December 31.

Will you take this opportunity to double the impact of your year-end giving?

Ways to Donate to IHS:

Fill out my online form.

Please make your check payable to:

Institute for Humane Studies

and mail to:

Development Office
Institute for Humane Studies
3434 Washington Blvd.
Vernon Smith Hall, 1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22201

Please telephone the Institute for Humane Studies at:


between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we will be glad to process your donation.

Donate Stocks

You can enjoy certain tax benefits by choosing to support the Institute for Humane Studies with a gift of stock, including an income tax deduction on the fair market value of the donated stock and avoidance of capital gains taxes.

Transferring stock electronically is the most secure and fastest way to make a gift. Simply have your broker contact ours using the following information:

Merrill Lynch
Contact: Robert Testwuide
Account #: 86Q-04013
ABA #: 044-000-804
DTC #: 8862
Phone: 703-464-8809
Fax: 703-467-9340

11951 Freedom Drive
Freedom Square, 17th Floor
Reston, VA 20190

At the time of the transfer, for audit and acknowledgment purposes, please provide us with:
• Your name and complete address
• Name and number of securities transferred

If you have any questions about stock donation, please email donate@ihs.gmu.edu
For wire transfer and ACH, please contact IHS CFO Gary Leff at gleff@ihs.gmu.edu or 1-800-697-8799.

Make a Planned Gift

The Institute for Humane Studies is pleased to offer several ways to plan your charitable giving to boost your assets to the people and causes most important to you. We encourage you to seek advice from your accountant or attorney in making estate planning decisions. We look forward to working with you as you make your plans to leave a legacy of liberty. Please reach out to us at donations@theihs.org.

Give Through Your Will
Give to IHS without any impact on cash flow during your lifetime.

Set Up a Charitable Gift Annuity
Enjoy stable lifetime payments with tax benefits.

Create a Charitable Remainder Trust
Make a gift that creates an income stream and avoids capital gains taxes.

Give Through Your Will

A simple and convenient way to ensure your ongoing investment in our work is to make the Institute for Humane Studies a beneficiary in your will.

“I give ______________ to the Institute for Humane Studies.”

You can insert a specific amount of cash or other assets (such as shares of stock), a fixed percentage of your estate, or the residue of the estate after other bequests.
Your bequest can be unrestricted, enabling IHS to determine the best uses for your gift at the time funds are received, or you can restrict your support to a specific IHS program.
If you already have a will, you can accomplish a bequest by adding IHS as a beneficiary with an amendment to the will.
Your accountant or attorney can help you determine whether you can use the estate-tax charitable deduction in your situation.

Set Up a Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contractual arrangement between you and the Institute for Humane Studies. You make a gift of cash or other property. In exchange, we agree to make a fixed quarterly payment to one or two people—annuitants—for life.

Your payment is based on the ages of the annuitants at the time of the gift and can never be lowered, delayed, or canceled by IHS. The older the annuitant, the more income IHS agrees to pay quarterly.

You can receive a higher rate by delaying payments made to you until a future date. This is a good option for donors, typically under age 60, who wish to supplement their future retirement income.

You enjoy multiple tax benefits through a charitable gift annuity. You may take an income-tax deduction for the portion of your contribution that constitutes the charitable gift (determined by IRS rules). If you give appreciated securities, you will benefit from a reduction of your capital gains taxes. In addition, in most cases, some of each income payment made to you as an annuitant is tax-free.

And you leave a legacy for liberty with a charitable gift annuity. With the passing of the annuitant, the remaining principal in the annuity account is available to IHS for our vital work with students and professors around the country.

We would be delighted to work with you to create a personalized charitable gift annuity proposal based on your circumstances.

Create a Charitable Remainder Trust 

Charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) are an effective way to plan your financial future and leave a legacy for liberty. With a CRT, you transfer cash, securities, or other assets to a trust, which then pays you or your designated beneficiary an income stream for life or for a term up to 20 years. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal passes to IHS.

There are two types of CRTs:

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust pays one or more beneficiaries a fixed percentage (at least 5%) of the annual fair market value of the trust’s assets. Payments may vary from year to year since they are based on the changing value of the assets.

A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust pays the beneficiaries a fixed dollar amount annually (at least 5%). Payments do not fluctuate from year to year.

Both kinds of CRT enable you to take an income tax deduction at the time the trust is established and to avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets. In addition, you reduce the size of your estate. Since the charitable trust is tax-exempt, it does not pay capital gains taxes on the sale of contributed assets, and earnings in the trust accumulate tax-free.

A charitable remainder trust is thus a very tax-efficient way of giving, providing you with immediate benefits and enabling you to make a long-term commitment to support our work at IHS to advance liberty now and for future generations.

The Institute for Humane Studies is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions made to IHS are 100% tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. The IHS federal tax identification number is 94-1623852. IHS receives 100% of its support from private individuals and foundations, and none from the government.

Although IHS is affiliated with George Mason University and is eligible for most matching gift programs we do not receive funding from the university.