Order Without Intent: How spontaneous order built our world.
The Future of Free Speech
Whistleblowing and civil disobedience
From the bottom up at FeeCon
From the Bottom-Up: Emily Chamlee-Wright on Spontaneous Order

Dr. Chamlee-Wright discusses spontaneous orders at Fee Con 2019

Sabbatical Research Fellowship
Order Without Intent
PPE Equality module with Prof. David Schmidtz

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Video Series & Digital Curriculum Resources

Presented by the Institute for Humane Studies and the John Templeton Foundation

This project provides valuable new teaching tools for faculty in the interdisciplinary field of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

IHS has worked with leading PPE professors to create a series of 24 videos on foundational topics in PPE, and to pair them each with suggested readings and other resources to add to your syllabus or lesson plan. The videos are designed for viewing and discussion both inside and outside the classroom.


We partner with faculty to grow their impact both on and beyond their campuses.

Aspiring Faculty

IHS helps graduate students and aspiring faculty expand their research, deepen their impact, and cultivate their career growth.