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Hayek Fund for Scholars

Are you searching for new ways to present your ideas and collaborate with colleagues? Don’t let financial constraints hold you back.
At IHS, we believe that the principles of the classical liberal tradition – including individual liberty and responsibility, limited government, economic freedom, the rule of law, free speech, and open inquiry – are the foundation of a just and prosperous world. And we believe that for those ideas to take root, they must be taught, explored, and challenged in higher education. Apply for the Hayek Fund for Scholars today!

The Road to Hayek – Bruce Caldwell’s Professional Journey

The Road to Hayek – Bruce Caldwell’s Professional Journey

A little over 30 years ago, Professor Bruce Caldwell discovered his passion for Austrian economics and the history of Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Hayek. Much like the start of any true passion project, Caldwell just needed the right introduction.

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