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IHS Event Weighs in on Liberal Climate Policy

Debating Climate Policy and Environmental Regulation

With regard to large-scale environmental problems, some argue that any policy response would fail to maximize welfare. They believe the best policy is no policy. Others claim policy responses can maximize welfare but must be constrained by liberal principles.

Emily Chamlee-Wright asks Is Free Ever Free?

Is Free Ever Free?

Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright Discusses Socialism, Free Markets, and the Importance of Free Speech IHS President …

Outside Funding of Centers: A Challenge to Institutional Mission?

The Koch Foundation, the Templeton Foundation, or various libertarian-friendly billionaires fund a number of free market university research centers. Left-wing faculty, activists, and the media (often with backing from the George Soros-funded UnKoch My Campus1) complain:

Introductory Essay by Professor Chris W. Surprenant

A few weeks ago, as I sat down to write this piece, I made the mistake of opening up Facebook and having the misfortune of seeing that a friend had posted an article containing an interview with a woman who went on a date with comedian Aziz Ansari and had “the worst night of [her] life.” At this point, you’re likely familiar with this article, and the subsequent discussion regarding whether or not the woman was sexually assaulted, what obligations people have generally to leave situations in which they are uncomfortable, and the general difficulty and awkwardness that comes with navigating the world of sexual relationships. I do not wish to comment on any of that here …