Academic Events

IHS participates in, partners, or hosts various academic events.

Academic Conferences

Conferences are a great place to catch up with IHS staff or participate in an IHS event. These often include receptions, academic research seminars, career development workshops, mock interviews, and more.

Career Support Events

No matter where you are in your graduate school journey, IHS can help you set yourself up for success in graduate school and on the academic job market.

Discussion Colloquia

Discussion Colloquia enable faculty and graduate student to learn from each other by participating in structured discussions of foundational texts and contemporary scholarship in the classical liberal tradition selected for their intellectual rigor and relevance to a theme. Discussion Colloquia are hosted in partnership with faculty or academic centers at hotels or university campuses across the country or online.

Graduate discussion colloquia are designed for advanced graduate students seeking in-depth discussions and a better understanding of specialized topics in the classical liberal tradition.

Check Out Upcoming Graduate and Faculty Discussion Colloquiums!

Lectures and Forums

Connect with to the ideas that drew you to the life of the mind and to colleagues who share your interest in the classical liberal intellectual tradition. These programs aid with connecting to other scholars who are applying, developing, and challenging ideas in the classical liberal tradition.

Research Workshops and Symposia

Our Academic Research Symposia offer scholars a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts through moderated panel discussions and breakout sessions, and to discuss and shape their research on topics where the liberal perspective may be underrepresented. These programs go beyond the typical conference experience. Scholars will collaborate in real-time and walk away with potential research questions in their fields.

Summer Seminars

For nearly 50 years, IHS has gathered the brightest minds to its Summer Seminars. Friedrich Hayek. James Buchanan. Robert Nozick. Now we invite you to join us.

From July 13-18, 2021, we explored the foundations of a free society. Summer Seminar lectures are public and free to attend via livestream. Registration is currently closed. If you have questions, please email us at