Graduate School 101 is an online workshop designed to help undergraduates and master’s students thrive in their doctoral studies. 

Join our esteemed faculty and learn how to choose a PhD program, get accepted, develop a research agenda, and find success in your first year and beyond. You’ll also hear about how IHS can support your career with programs such as the Humane Studies Fellowship.

Graduate school was something I always considered but never knew if I’d be able to do. It all felt so foreign and I didn’t know what it took to complete a PhD. I feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities and feel that I’m on the right path because of this workshop.
– Recent Attendee

What to Expect

The event is held every fall. This online program is free to attend and no preparation is required. Space is limited.

The schedule has been carefully designed to cover the essentials of your early graduate career, and we encourage you to attend each session to get the most from the program.

To be notified when registration opens, please email us at

Tentative Schedule

Saturday, October 2

1:00pm ET–Faculty Lecture: Before You Apply 
2:30pm ET–Faculty Lecture: Preparing Cover Letters & Writing Samples
3:45pm ET–Break
4:15pm ET–Faculty Lecture: Doing the Work
5:45pm ET–Evening Social

Sunday, October 3

1:00pm ET–Faculty Lecture: How to Think about Research
2:30pm ET–Faculty Panel: New Research Directions in the Liberal Tradition
3:30pm ET–Break
4:00pm ET–Disciplinary Breakouts
5:00pm ET–Closing Remarks