The Politics of War Powers

The Politics of War Powers

Twenty years ago, in response to the 9/11 attacks, Congress signed into law the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). However, as Sarah Burns Associate Professor of political science at Rochester Institute of Technology notes, this authorization is so open-ended that every president since its passing has the ability to carry out any operation without being meaningfully stopped by Congress.

GradCon 2021

2021 IHS Graduate Conference Sparks New Ideas

With nearly 80 graduate students in attendance, the 2021 IHS Graduate Conference successfully sharpened research projects and reconnected colleagues. For two days, graduate students shared their research with fellow peers and faculty, whose constructive feedback helped refine each project for publication.

Liberty and the Early Chinese State - A Discussion on China's History

Liberty and the Early Chinese State – A Discussion on China’s History

In the spring of 2021, a mixed audience of graduate students and faculty convened as part of the Institute for Humane Studies’ Advanced Topics series of discussion colloquia co-sponsored with Liberty Fund. In a Socratic discussion, these scholars tackled the topic of “Liberty and the Struggle for the Early Chinese State,” with historian Stephen Davies serving as the discussion leader.

david schmidtz

The Mentorship Mantras of David Schmidtz

When John Tomasi was a first-year philosophy graduate student, he and others in his class found their mailboxes had been stuffed with the same leaflet about a summer program from a place called the Institute for Humane Studies. Little did Tomasi know that the “culprit” behind these flyers would have a profound impact on his academic interests.

Jacob Bruggeman

Jacob Bruggeman Shares His Diversified IHS Experience

We interviewed Jacob Bruggeman, graduate student of history at Johns Hopkins University, about his experience in several of IHS’s graduate student programs which include: The Humane Studies Fellowship, Summer Seminars, Discussion Colloquia, and the Hayek Fund.