IHS On-Campus Events

IHS on-campus events bring together passionate students to discover and discuss solutions to the biggest problems facing our society. Our seminars, panels, debates, and lectures create an environment where enthusiastic professors talk with students, not at them.

Sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, these events examine the big questions surrounding society from a classical liberal perspective, often across a broad range of disciplines. Participants are encouraged to explore and debate ideas through breakout and Q&A sessions.

On-campus events are free to attend, although some do require advance registration. Unless otherwise noted, lodging for multi-day events is the participant’s responsibility.

Visit the pages below to see all upcoming events by type. We’re constantly updating the schedule as the fall semester begins. If you have any questions about on-campus events, please email us at OnCampusEd@TheIHS.org.

Lectures, Debates, and Panels


Learn about specialized topics relating to free societies at campuses across the country. Our upcoming events include:

Lecture: When, Why, and How Do Deficits Matter?
Prof. Daniel Shaviro
St. Francis University
September 9 at 6:30 PM

Debate: Is California’s $15 Minimum Wage a Good Idea?
Dr. Donald Boudreaux & Mike Konczal
University of San Diego
September 12 at 6:00 PM

IHS Weekend Seminars

IHS Summer Seminar Liberty and Society

Spend a weekend with a like-minded community of faculty and students to discuss the ideas that shape society.

IHS Discussion Colloquia


Join with a professor and exceptional students to discuss selected readings around a specific theme.

IHS Summer Seminars

IHS Summer Seminar - Exploring Liberty

Attend a free IHS Summer Seminar to discuss libertarian ideas with faculty and students from around the world.