Discussion Colloquia

Discussion colloquia are intensive, invite-only events hosted by a professor on their campus to discuss the ideas of freedom. Professors invite up to eighteen exemplary undergraduate students to participate in a day of energetic exploration and debate centered around a particular theme. To prepare for the event, students are expected to complete roughly 150 pages of reading in advance.

“I believe events like these are instrumental in growing the marketplace of ideas.” – Mackenzie Vieth, Georgetown University

These events aren’t for everybody. Professors look for accomplished, intellectual students that have a passion for learning and a desire to discuss complex topics.

If that sounds like you, then these seminars are a fantastic way for you to delve deeply into a topic and advance your critical thinking skills.

“This experience was totally eye opening and worth it… It made me think about things I normally shrug off.” 
– William Sallen, Loras College

Discussion Colloquium Roundtable

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