Academic Event Support Grants

Fostering a deeper understanding of ideas in the classical liberal intellectual tradition is the cornerstone of IHS. We partner with faculty to host on-campus and online events that support robust student discussion and learning.

These faculty-driven events provide an open forum for ideas rooted in the classical liberal tradition. We partner with faculty by providing the resources and logistical support needed to create a robust learning opportunity for their students at no cost. If you’re unsure of where to start or have a need that’s not being met, IHS will work with you directly to create it.

Providing students with the opportunity to convene and discuss these topics is one of the best ways I can think of to support the spread of classical liberalism and intellectualism in students. It is a highly rewarding academic endeavor.

– Previous IHS Faculty Partner
political philosophy

IHS is your support system throughout the entire event and program building process. We offer free services, resources, and discussion materials for faculty to provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of classical liberal theories.

Explore our event options and apply via these links:

Undergraduate Discussion Colloquium deadline: August 1st for fall events and October 15th for spring events.
All other Academic Event Support applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Are you interested in working with IHS to start a discussion on your campus? Whether you already have a plan in motion or are looking for new ideas, we are ready to partner with you. View our guidelines for on-campus speakers.

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Past Events and Testimonials

With a long history of successful and engaging classical liberal events, it is clear why IHS remains a continually sought-after faculty partner.

From Faculty

“Thank you very much for making it possible for me to offer this opportunity for intellectual growth to my students. It is a positive joy to me to spend the day sharing such important ideas with some of my best students, introducing them to one another, and refreshing my own excitement in the reason why I chose to become a university professor.”
Professor Michelle Kundmueller, IHS Faculty Partner

Professor Michelle Kundmueller

“Students have told me repeatedly that the reading groups and discussion colloquia have been some of the more memorable and beneficial experiences of college. They like the topics and being able to discuss openly ideas and concepts from various perspectives. Without the support of IHS, this would not have been possible.”
Professor Mark Steckbeck, IHS Faculty Partner

Prof. Mark Steckbeck

From Students

This experience expanded my mind and made me critically think about the role government should have in my individual life.
Rachel Belle Huston, Student Participant at IHS/Faculty partnered event

I found this experience to be exceedingly beneficial and enjoyable. I profoundly expanded my understanding of the rule of law and the administrative state, subsequently bettering me as both a citizen and an individual.
Student Participant at IHS/Faculty partnered event