Graduate Seminars and Colloquia

Refine your ideas and become part of a scholarly community through IHS’s graduate seminars and colloquia. 

These events provide ways for you to explore classical liberal ideas at an advanced level, learn about the possibilities within an academic career, and present your research.

Most importantly, though, you’ll meet like-minded academics. 

Most of our seminars and colloquia are invite-only events for past participants of IHS programs. You can access a host of opportunities here, if you are new to IHS and would like to get involved.


Summer Seminar

Advanced Studies: The Challenges and Future of Liberty. Ideal for graduate students pursuing a career in academia.


Advanced Topics in Liberty

Attend a Socratic-style discussion led by faculty about the foundational questions within the classical liberal tradition.


Research Colloquia

Share your research receive feedback that will assist you in future presentations and publications.

Graduate Seminars

Career Development Seminars

If you are interested in developing classical liberal ideas through an academic career, these seminars are for you.

Policy Research Seminars

Policy Research Seminars

Bridge the gap between the academic and policy worlds by getting connected with policy research organizations.

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Grad School 101

A weekend workshop for undergraduate students or recent graduates who are thinking about or applying to graduate school.

The workshop will begin with a lecture series on navigating the journey from your undergraduate studies to becoming a graduate student. Additionally, you'll have the option to present some of your own research projects to get a preview of what being a graduate student involves.

Participants who attend will receive reimbursement of travel costs to and from the workshop as well as lodging and meals throughout the program.