Scholarships and Grants for Graduate Students

Spend less time worrying about finances and more time focusing on your research.

IHS understands that your academic journey may need funding. We award financial assistance to better equip you to conduct high-quality research so that you can explore the classical liberal tradition, develop the ideas of freedom, and advance your work in the academic community.

Our scholarship and grant programs are more than just financial assistance. By participating in IHS funding programs, you gain access to our vast network of scholars and receive opportunities for career advice and support, such as invitations to seminars, academic networking events, and more.

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Humane Studies Fellowship

Humane Studies Fellowship

Stand out in a competitive academic market. Receive up to $15,000, an opportunity to receive one-on-one graduate advising, and access to IHS’s vast academic network.

Hayek Fund for Scholars

Faculty Funding

Advance your research. Receive a grant to cover PhD application fees, travel costs, conference fees, and other research-related expenses.