Ideas in Progress, an IHS podcast, where we follow our scholars from graduate school, to exercising major influence in their fields, where we see their work develop from the stages where it’s a fuzzy idea voiced in a discussion colloquia to a paper in a workshop, then a chapter in a manuscript, then who knows, maybe eventually, a Nobel lecture.

Episode 17–Medicalizing Birth and Death with Lauren Hall

We’ve invited Professor Lauren Hall on the show to discuss her latest book, “The Medicalization of Birth and Death.” It tells the story of all the humanity lost, ground under the wheel of terrible medical bureaucracy and a system that crushes the individual in their moments of greatest tenderness and need. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 16–Stolen with Rick Bell

This week we dive into some classical liberal scholarship that isn’t jammed full of allusions to Adam Smith or F.A. Hayek. Instead we sit down with Professor Richard Bell and discuss his latest book, “Stolen: Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and Their Astonishing Odyssey Home.” DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 15–Research-stravaganza with Claudia Williamson and Randy Simmons

Throughout the year IHS hosts graduate student research workshops. These events feature our students and their work, we also fill out the weekends with faculty presentations on their current work. As part of our show’s efforts to track all of these ideas and progress, we caught up with our November research workshop faculty, professors Claudia Williamson, Randy Simmons and Richard Bell. This week we take a look at Prof. Williamson’s and Prof. Simmons’ current offerings. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 14–Tech, Vision, and Real Solutions with Tawni Hunt Ferrarini

Last week, professor Tawni Hunt Ferrarini joined us to talk about our recent education compulsion in the state colloquium and this week she’s back. We’ll get a little techie, a little visionary and then we’ll bring it back to the ground and try to come to some real solutions. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 13–Do We Need Compulsory Public Education with Tawni Ferrarini

Virtually everyone seems to think, and perhaps it’s because government schools have shaped us to think this way, that without the state forcing everyone into it, none of us would ever teach our kids to read, or basic numeracy, let alone things like astrophysics or Latin. But despite all that wide political agreement, maybe, just maybe kids don’t even need to learn Latin. How would we ever know, though? Joining us to talk about education compulsion in this state is Professor Tawni Hunt Ferrarini. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 12–Guns, Civil Rights, and Abortion, with David Beito

We continue our conversation with Dr David Beito pivoting the discussion to T.R.M. Howard, an enigmatic and larger than life figure from the civil rights era, who was both fascinating and challenging. Dr. Beito takes us through some of the highlights and behind the scenes tales from his book “T.R.M. Howard Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer.” DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 11–The New Deal was Completely Ridiculous with David Beito

Host, and historian, Anthony Comegna has a conversation with Professor David Beito regarding FDR’s completely ridiculous boondoggle, “The New Deal.” DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 10–PPE in Practice

This week is the conclusion to our showcase of new faculty research from the three scholars who recently helped us moderate a graduate research workshop. These conference style programs feature grad student projects, but our faculty also get the chance to tell us all what they’re up to, where they’re going, and why it matters. Today, we pick up with our political scientist, Gary Uzonyi and economist, Kathleen Sheehan. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 9–What’s the Point of PPE?

We will be spending time with three scholars who recently helped us moderate a graduate research workshop. These conference style programs feature grad student projects, but our faculty also get the chance to tell us all what they’re up to, where they’re going, and why it matters. First up, it’s philosopher, Brian Kogelmann and political scientist, Gary Uzonyi.

Episode 8–Where Does Classical Liberalism Go from Here?

Georgetown philosopher Jason Brennan joined us to talk about classical liberalism and contemporary political philosophy and we covered a wide range of contributions and themes that dominate the landscape, but what about the things we are best at? The things we do the worst, what work should we be doing but we don’t? Let’s get down to it with part two from Jason Brennan.

Episode 7–Classical Liberalism in Contemporary Political Philosophy with Jason Brennan

We prepare for another discussion colloquium on classical liberalism in contemporary political philosophy. We take you now to our discussion leader and political philosopher at Georgetown University, Jason Brennan, to get his thoughts on the subject.

Episode 6–Grad School 101, Part 2 with Brandon Davis and Theo Christov

We pick up halfway through our Grad School 101 program, and turn from preparation to execution. Host Anthony Comegna welcomes in Professors Brandon Davis and Theo Christov. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 5–Grad School 101, Part 1 with Jayme Lemke and Mark LeBar

Grad school is a very strange place. It’s a weird time in one’s life and a long series of milestones on the way to an academic career. For those of us who yearn for that academic lifestyle, we almost have to go through this trial by fire. We’ve invited faculty from our recent Grad School 101 program to help us talk through it all. This week professors Jayme Lemke and Mark LeBar. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 4–In Defense of Andrew Jackson

Professor Brad Birzer joins us once again. Last week we talked federalists and anti-federalists, but this week we’ll take that story forward a generation or two. We’re wrestling with Old Hickory, tackling Birzer’s recent book “In Defense of Andrew Jackson. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 3–Federalist and Anti-Federalist with Brad Birzer

Ideas in Progress host Anthony Comegna chats with Professor Brad Birzer and asks if he is now, or ever has been, a Federalist. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 2–Women and the Classical Liberal Tradition, Part 2

In part two of our women and the classical liberal tradition conversation, host Anthony Comegna speaks with IHS president and CEO, Emily Chamlee-Wright, after she moderated a discussion colloquium on the topic. They discuss how it went, what she discovered, and what readings she might have included had there been no limits. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT

Episode 1–Women and the Classical Liberal Tradition

In this inaugural episode of our podcast, host Anthony Comegna sits down with IHS president and CEO, Emily Chamlee-Wright. Dr. Chamlee-Wright discusses women and the classical liberal tradition and her upcoming discussion leader duties at an IHS-hosted discussion colloquium the day before the event. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT