Ideas in Progress, an IHS podcast, where we follow our scholars from graduate school, to exercising major influence in their fields, where we see their work develop from the stages where it’s a fuzzy idea voiced in a discussion colloquia to a paper in a workshop, then a chapter in a manuscript, then who knows, maybe eventually, a Nobel lecture.

Episode 2–Women and the Classical Liberal Tradition, Part 2

In part two of our women and the classical liberal tradition conversation, host Anthony Comenga speaks with IHS president and CEO, Emily Chamlee-Wright, after she moderated a discussion colloquium on the topic. They discuss how it went, what she discovered, and what readings she might have included had there been no limits.

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Episode 1–Women and the Classical Liberal Tradition

In this inaugural episode of our podcast, host Anthony Comenga sits down with IHS president and CEO, Emily Chamlee-Wright. Dr. Chamlee-Wright discusses women and the classical liberal tradition and her upcoming discussion leader duties at an IHS-hosted discussion colloquium the day before the event.

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