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Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order and Our Cold Civil War
National Review | March 11, 2019


Arkansas State Drops Policy on Speech Expression Zones
The Associated Press | March 9, 2019


How Should Colleges Respond to Cults of Misinformation?
Atlanta Journal Constitution | March 7, 2019

Arizona Attorney General Office Looks Into MAGA Incident at Perry High School
The Arizona Republic | March 7, 2019

Donald Trump’s Latest Assault on American Free Speech
Chicago Sun-Times | March 7, 2019

Campus Free Speech Bill Revisited
South Dakota Public Broadcasting Network | March 7, 2019

Hundreds Protest Hong Kong Student’s Expulsion From University in Row Over Free Speech
Reuters | March 7, 2019

Free Speech Doesn’t Need the President Fixing a Cultural Problem by Executive Order
The San Francisco Chronicle | March 7, 2019

A Tough Balance
Inside Higher Ed | March 7, 2019


Community Members Gather to Discuss Protesting Ben Shaprio’s Visit to Campus
The Michigan Daily | February 24, 2019

We Must Defend Free Thought
Quillette | February 24, 2019


Free Speech for All, Even Racists and Transphobes
Central Michigan Life | February 22, 2019


Duke Law Students Ask Supreme Court to Hear Case of Free Speech Activists
The Chronicle (Duke University) | February 19, 2019

Is the Campus Free-Speech Crisis Overblown?
The Wall Street Journal | February 19, 2019


‘Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?’
Inside Higher Ed | February 18, 2019

Why Diversity Matters (if Done Properly)
The Kansas State Collegian | February 18, 2019

Stop Few Angry Students on Left from Hijacking Campus Debate
Atlanta Journal Constitution | February 18, 2019

Free Speech Policy Stirs Controversy at University of Michigan
The Detroit News | February 18, 2019


Lawmakers to Talk Presumptive Probation, Campus Free Speech
The Associated Press (South Dakota) | February 17, 2019


GOP Backing Free Speech Bill Aimed at Universities
Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky) | February 16, 2019


Students Get Death Threats Over ‘Build the Wall’ Display
National Review | February 15, 2019

2/14/19–From Our President

When Students Are Confused About Freedom of Expression, Flip the Script
By Emily Chamlee-Wright and Sarah Skwire
InsideSources | February 14, 2019


University of Arizona Joins the Few Colleges that Don’t Infringe Free Speech (In Writing)
The College Fix | February 12, 2019

Arkansas Senate Backs Bill on Campus Speech
Arkansas Democrat Gazette | February 12, 2019

BU Policies Protecting Free Speech to Get Fresh Look
Boston University Today | February 12, 2019

A Black Graduate Student’s Perspective on University Speech Codes
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | February 12, 2019

The Campus Intellectual Diversity Act: A Proposal
National Review | February 12, 2019

MIT Faces Backlash Over Invited Speaker’s Anti-Muslim Comments
Religion News Service | February 12, 2019

University of Montana Professor Investigated for Political Discrimination
Billings Gazette (Montana) | February 12, 2019

Promoting Intellectual Diversity on Campus, A Legislative Proposal
Powerline | February 12, 2019

Speech: Don’t Censor, Make More
The Los Angeles Loyolan | February 12, 2019


Free Speech Bill Passes Iowa Subcommittee
KCRG (Iowa) | February 11, 2019

Schultz Speech Draws Mixed Reactions
Purdue Exponent | February 11, 2019

See Hate Speech, Leave It Up
Inside Higher Ed | February 11, 2019

Students Discuss Price of Free Speech
The Winchester Star (Virginia) |  February 11, 2019

When Colleges Use Nondiscrimination Policies to Discriminate
The College Fix | February 11, 2019


Lawmakers Revive Push for Campus ‘Free-Speech’
The Gazette (Iowa) | February 10, 2019

Why Left and Right Both Get the Meaning of Academic Freedom Wrong
The Washington Post | February 10, 2019

Campus Carry Threatens Our Right to Free Speech on Campus
The Daily Texan | February 10, 2019

Heather Mac Donald Claimed Racism on Campuses Doesn’t Exist. I Disagree.
The Daily Pennsylvanian | February 10, 2019


University of Texas System Considers Adopting Set of Free Speech Principles
The Daily Texan | February 9, 2019

The Wound in American Education
Washington Free Beacon | February 9, 2019

Students Endorse Free Speech – As Long as They Agree With It
World News Daily | February 9, 2019


Win for Christian Group at Iowa
Inside Higher Ed | February 8, 2019

ND Bill Would Keep Universities from Canceling Speakers for Political Ideology
The Jamestown Sun (North Dakota) | February 8, 2019

Ben Shapiro to Speak at Grand Canyon U After Heated Back-and-Forth
Education Dive | February 8, 2019

Senators Advance Campus Free Speech Bill Amid Discrimination Concerns
Iowa Public Radio | February 8, 2019


Under Fire for Comments on White People
Inside Higher Ed | February 4, 2019

Hey Grand Canyon University, Let Ben Shapiro Speak
Arizona Republic | February 4, 2019