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July 10, 2019

White Supremacists Go To School
Nonprofit Quarterly

Silencing Free Speech on Campus

June 23, 2019

HxA Conference Examines How to Respectfully Tackle Difficult Topics
Diverse Issues in Higher Education

June 7, 2019

Ivey Signs Free Speech on Campus Bill
Alabama Political Reporter

June 4, 2019

Undue Burden
Inside Higher Ed

June 1, 2019

Student Group Ignites Tension Over Free Speech at Williams College
The Berkshire Eagle (Massachusetts)

May 6, 2019

Free Speech on Campus: Considering State and Federal Action
Evolution News & Science Today

May 1, 2019

Stitt Signs Campus Free Speech Bill
The Oklahoman

April 26, 2019

Free Speech Means All Should Have the Chance to Comment
The Daily News (Michigan)

April 10, 2019

Conservative “Ordered Liberty” Podcast Records Episode on Campus
The Michigan Daily (The University of Michigan)

On Tucson Campus, University of Arizona Students See Different Sides to Free Speech Debate
Arizona Republic

Protesters Remain Silent at Free Speech Demonstration
KOLD News (Arizona)

Trump Issues Executive Order on Free Speech, Though Impact at Northwestern Remains Unclear
The Daily Northwestern

College Student Leaders Talk Bipartisanship in Downtown D.C.
The Tower (Catholic University)

‘Turning Point USA’ Group Speaks with Texas State Students About Free Speech, Campus Ban
Fox 7 (Austin)

Presidential Executive Order Raises Questions About Free Speech on Campuses
Hawaii Public Radio

Hundreds on Campus Protest Border Patrol, Arrests of UA Students
Arizona Daily Star

Trump Hat Causes Ruckus at Suffolk County Community College

Free Speech Laws are Working in Texas. Let’s Not Mess with Them.
The Houston Chronicle

Weber State Calls Out ‘Racist’ Speech After White Supremacist Materials Found on Campus
ABC4 News (Utah)

Former ACLU President Argues Against Censoring Hateful Speech at Law School Talk
The Chicago Maroon (The University of Chicago)

Turning Point USA Draws Ire of Protesters
the Chronicle (Connecticut)

Amherst College’s Glossary of ‘Wokeness
National Review

Free Speech Isn’t Dead on College Campuses, But It Might Be Ailing
Real Clear Education

Intellectual Freedom or Indoctrination? Debate Over University Views Goes Back Decades
WFSU (Florida)

Students, Faculty Spar |Over Free Speech, Speaker Invitations
The Williams Record (Williams College, MA)

Ben Shapiro Event Met with Minimal Protest
The Los Angeles Loyolan

How will Trump’s Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on Campuses Affect Duke?The Chronicle (Duke University)

Free Speech Should not be Partisan Issue
The Daily Orange

At UConn talk, Conservative Influencer Candace Owens Addresses Accusations That her Rhetoric Inspired the Christchurch Gunman
Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

April 7, 2019

New Iowa Free-speech Law Strengthens Campus Culture
The Daily Iowan (University of Iowa)

March 2019: From the IHS President

Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses
The New York Times | March 21, 2019

Trump’s Executive Order May Jeopardize Yale’s Federal Grants
Yale Daily News | March 25, 2019


Union president: Speech on College Campuses Should be Constructive – Not Free
The Daily Gazette (New York) | March 30, 2019

Minnesota Professor’s Suspension Fuels Academic Freedom Debate
Star Tribune (Minnesota) | March 30, 2019


Conservative Group at ASU Apologizes for Racist, Anti-Semitic Postings Online
Arizona Republic | March 25, 2019

Free Expression Suppressed at Patrick Henry College
Loudon Times-Mirror (Virginia) | March 25, 2019

Why States Must Protect Free Speech on Campus
The Washington Times | March 25, 2019

Bipartisan Policy Council Discussion Launches Campus Free Expression Project
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | March 25, 2019

Trump’s Free Speech Executive Order Misguided
The Ithacan (Ithaca College, NY) | March 25, 2019

South Dakota Protects Free Speech on Campus
National Review | March 25, 2019

Trump’s Executive Order on Free Speech is Remarkably Thin — but a Signal to the Right
The Washington Post | March 25, 2019

In Our Opinion: Teaching First Amendment is the Solution to Free Speech on College Campuses
Deseret News (Editorial) | March 25, 2019

Why Colleges Like Trump’s Campus Speech Order
The New York Times | March 25, 2019

Free speech: Can Universities Take Back Control?
The Hill | March 25, 2019

Trump’s Free Speech Executive Order is Both Unnecessary and Unconstitutional
The Daily Tar Heel (University of North Carolina) | March 25, 2019

Trump’s Order on College Free Speech Will Also Protect Speech He Hates
The Washington Post | March 25, 2019

3 Arrested in Dorm Fire Incident at Tulane
Inside Higher Ed | March 25, 2019

A Campus Is Not the Place for Free Speech
Inside Higher Ed | March 25, 2019

The Campus Free Speech Problem Trump Doesn’t Talk About
Inside Higher Ed | March 25, 2019

Social Media, a Suspension and Free Speech
Inside Higher Ed | March 25, 2019

Trump’s Executive Order May Jeopardize Yale’s Federal Grants
Yale Daily News | March 25, 2019


Trump’s College Free Speech Order Ambiguous and Unlawful, Experts Say
Harvard Crimson | March 24, 2019

IU Responds to Trump Administration’s Free Speech Executive Order
Indiana Daily Student | March 24, 2019

Speech Bill a Reflection of the Times
The Oklahoman (Editorial) | March 24, 2019

Washington University Responds to Free Speech Executive Order
Student Life (Washington University) | March 24, 2019


Trump Orders Colleges to Back Free Speech or Lose Funding
The Associated Press | March 21, 2019

Full Impact of Trump’s Campus Order is Now a Matter for Free Debate
Newsday | March 21, 2019

Trump Order Demands Free Speech on Campus
Las Vegas Review-Journal | March 21, 2019

A Couple of Wins for Free Speech
Boston Herald | March 21, 2019

Colorado Universities Say They Already Comply with Trump’s Executive Order on Campus Free Speech
The Denver Post | March 21, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order on Free Speech at College Campuses
Chicago Sun-Times | March 21, 2019

Trump Signs Executive ‘Free Speech’ Order for U.S. Colleges
Reuters | March 21, 2019

Trump Ties Colleges’ Federal Research Funds to Free Speech
Voice of America | March 21, 2019

The Only Thing Trump’s Executive Order Protects is Government Red Tape
The Washington Examiner | March 21, 2019

Trump’s Free-Speech Order Could Have Been Harsher. But Higher-Ed Leaders Still Don’t Approve.
The Chronicle of Higher Education | March 21, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on College CampusesThe New York Times | March 21, 2019

Trump Will Sign Executive Order Requiring Colleges To Promote ‘Free Inquiry’ If They Want Federal Research Funds
Reason | March 21, 2019

Trump’s Redundant Executive Order on Campus Speech
The Atlantic | March 21, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order on Free Speech on College Campuses
The Washington Post | March 21, 2019

‘I am with you’: President Trump Signs Executive Order on Free Speech at College Campuses
USA Today | March 21, 2019

Trump to Sign Executive Order Protecting Campus Free Speech
U.S. News & World Report | March 21, 2019

Critics Worry Trump’s Free Speech Order Could Limit Expression, Research
The Wall Street Journal | March 21, 2019

Trump Signs Broad Executive Order
Inside Higher Ed | March 21, 2019


Bill Advances in Iowa to Ban Campus Free Speech Zones
Legal Insurrection | March 19, 2019


What the Admissions Scandal Reveals About Secrecy, Privilege, and the Nature of Merit
The Chronicle of Higher Education | March 15, 2019

On Campus, the Fallout From the College Admissions Scandal
The Wall Street Journal | March 15, 2019

College Admissions Scandal: Your Questions Answered
The New York Times | March 15, 2019

A New Guide for Schools to Stop White Supremacists From Recruiting Kids to Their Cause
The Washington Post | March 15, 2019

Yes, Students at Sarah Lawrence Are Demanding Free Detergent. But There’s More to It Than You Might Think.
The Chronicle of Higher Education| March 15, 2019

The Slowing of Higher Education’s Liberal Slide
Real Clear Policy | March 15, 2019

When a Student Mob Came For My Job, My College Did Not Support Me
The American Spectator | March 15, 2019

Who’s the Snowflake? We Tenured Professors, That’s Who
Philadelphia Inquirer | March 15, 2019

Universities Already Protect and Promote Free Speech
Philadelphia Inquirer | March 15, 2019

Students Should Rethink Their Role in Free Speech Debates
Philadelphia Inquirer | March 15, 2019

A Win for Free Speech
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette | March 15, 2019


The Man Behind the Alleged $25 Million College-Admissions Cheating Scandal
The Wall Street Journal | March 12, 2019

TV Stars and Coaches Charged in College Bribery Scheme
The Associated Press | March 12, 2019

Hollywood Actors, CEOs Accused of Paying Bribes, Faking Photos to Scam U.S. College Admissions
Reuters | March 12, 2019

Banner Controversy at UF is Lesson in Free Speech
Tampa Bay Times | March 12, 2019

Reed College Trains RAs to Recognize Covert White Supremacy. Examples: ‘Colorblindness’ and ‘Assuming Good Intentions Are Enough.’
Reason | March 12, 2019

Conservative Students File Police Reports After Their ‘Build the Wall’ Banners are Stolen
The Washington Examiner | March 12, 2019

At the University of Chicago, Free Expression Trumps a White House Edict
The Chicago Tribune (Editorial) | March 12, 2019

Sarah Lawrence College Students Protest Politics Professor Over Conservative Op-ed
Fox News | March 12, 2019

Students Occupy Building, Demand No-Whites-Allowed Scholarships, Free Meals, Laundry Detergent, Storage
The College Fix | March 12, 2019

Celebrities and CEOs Caught In A College Admissions Scandal
Fortune | March 12, 2019

A Professor Spoke the Truth, He Still Pays the Price
National Review | March 12, 2019

Activist Students Demand Sarah Lawrence College Punish a Conservative Professor for Expressing His Views
Reason | March 12, 2019

Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged in U.S. College Entry Fraud
The New York Times | March 12, 2019


Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order and Our Cold Civil War
National Review | March 11, 2019


Arkansas State Drops Policy on Speech Expression Zones
The Associated Press | March 9, 2019


How Should Colleges Respond to Cults of Misinformation?
Atlanta Journal Constitution | March 7, 2019

Arizona Attorney General Office Looks Into MAGA Incident at Perry High School
The Arizona Republic | March 7, 2019

Donald Trump’s Latest Assault on American Free Speech
Chicago Sun-Times | March 7, 2019

Campus Free Speech Bill Revisited
South Dakota Public Broadcasting Network | March 7, 2019

Hundreds Protest Hong Kong Student’s Expulsion From University in Row Over Free Speech
Reuters | March 7, 2019

Free Speech Doesn’t Need the President Fixing a Cultural Problem by Executive Order
The San Francisco Chronicle | March 7, 2019

A Tough Balance
Inside Higher Ed | March 7, 2019


Community Members Gather to Discuss Protesting Ben Shaprio’s Visit to Campus
The Michigan Daily | February 24, 2019

We Must Defend Free Thought
Quillette | February 24, 2019


Free Speech for All, Even Racists and Transphobes
Central Michigan Life | February 22, 2019


Duke Law Students Ask Supreme Court to Hear Case of Free Speech Activists
The Chronicle (Duke University) | February 19, 2019

Is the Campus Free-Speech Crisis Overblown?
The Wall Street Journal | February 19, 2019


‘Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?’
Inside Higher Ed | February 18, 2019

Why Diversity Matters (if Done Properly)
The Kansas State Collegian | February 18, 2019

Stop Few Angry Students on Left from Hijacking Campus Debate
Atlanta Journal Constitution | February 18, 2019

Free Speech Policy Stirs Controversy at University of Michigan
The Detroit News | February 18, 2019


Lawmakers to Talk Presumptive Probation, Campus Free Speech
The Associated Press (South Dakota) | February 17, 2019


GOP Backing Free Speech Bill Aimed at Universities
Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky) | February 16, 2019


Students Get Death Threats Over ‘Build the Wall’ Display
National Review | February 15, 2019

2/14/19–From Our President

When Students Are Confused About Freedom of Expression, Flip the Script
By Emily Chamlee-Wright and Sarah Skwire
InsideSources | February 14, 2019


University of Arizona Joins the Few Colleges that Don’t Infringe Free Speech (In Writing)
The College Fix | February 12, 2019

Arkansas Senate Backs Bill on Campus Speech
Arkansas Democrat Gazette | February 12, 2019

BU Policies Protecting Free Speech to Get Fresh Look
Boston University Today | February 12, 2019

A Black Graduate Student’s Perspective on University Speech Codes
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | February 12, 2019

The Campus Intellectual Diversity Act: A Proposal
National Review | February 12, 2019

MIT Faces Backlash Over Invited Speaker’s Anti-Muslim Comments
Religion News Service | February 12, 2019

University of Montana Professor Investigated for Political Discrimination
Billings Gazette (Montana) | February 12, 2019

Promoting Intellectual Diversity on Campus, A Legislative Proposal
Powerline | February 12, 2019

Speech: Don’t Censor, Make More
The Los Angeles Loyolan | February 12, 2019


Free Speech Bill Passes Iowa Subcommittee
KCRG (Iowa) | February 11, 2019

Schultz Speech Draws Mixed Reactions
Purdue Exponent | February 11, 2019

See Hate Speech, Leave It Up
Inside Higher Ed | February 11, 2019

Students Discuss Price of Free Speech
The Winchester Star (Virginia) |  February 11, 2019

When Colleges Use Nondiscrimination Policies to Discriminate
The College Fix | February 11, 2019


Lawmakers Revive Push for Campus ‘Free-Speech’
The Gazette (Iowa) | February 10, 2019

Why Left and Right Both Get the Meaning of Academic Freedom Wrong
The Washington Post | February 10, 2019

Campus Carry Threatens Our Right to Free Speech on Campus
The Daily Texan | February 10, 2019

Heather Mac Donald Claimed Racism on Campuses Doesn’t Exist. I Disagree.
The Daily Pennsylvanian | February 10, 2019


University of Texas System Considers Adopting Set of Free Speech Principles
The Daily Texan | February 9, 2019

The Wound in American Education
Washington Free Beacon | February 9, 2019

Students Endorse Free Speech – As Long as They Agree With It
World News Daily | February 9, 2019


Win for Christian Group at Iowa
Inside Higher Ed | February 8, 2019

ND Bill Would Keep Universities from Canceling Speakers for Political Ideology
The Jamestown Sun (North Dakota) | February 8, 2019

Ben Shapiro to Speak at Grand Canyon U After Heated Back-and-Forth
Education Dive | February 8, 2019

Senators Advance Campus Free Speech Bill Amid Discrimination Concerns
Iowa Public Radio | February 8, 2019


Under Fire for Comments on White People
Inside Higher Ed | February 4, 2019

Hey Grand Canyon University, Let Ben Shapiro Speak
Arizona Republic | February 4, 2019