Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Video Series
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Game Theory

Four video series

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Curriculum Resources

Professors Jonathan Anomaly and Christopher Coyne provide an introduction to Game Theory in general and to three of the most commonly referenced games: Coordination Games, Assurance Games, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.
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Four video series

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Professor David Schmidtz challenges students to consider what is meant when people talk about equality, explaining that the first question to ask is “equality of what?” These videos explore the liberal tradition and equality of opportunity, equality of outcome, equality of distribution, equality of treatment, and more.
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Four video series

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Professor Geoff Sayre-McCord explores the question, “what is justice?” and gives students a framework to evaluate whether they are truly considering a question of justice, or of some other value. These videos consider individual rights, distributive justice, and how to evaluate the justice of a legal system.
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How Markets Work and Fail

Three video series


Professors Michael Munger, Christopher Coyne, and Jonathan Anomaly give an introduction to the power of markets and the market process, the question of market failure and what the market can’t provide, as well as some prominent critiques of markets.
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Public Choice Economics

Five video series

Professors Geoffrey Brennan and Michael Munger give an introduction to Public Choice Economics and some of its core lessons, including the topics of rent-seeking, special interest groups, bureaucracy, and voting.

Markets on the Margin

Four video series

Professors Christopher Coyne, Jonathan Anomaly, and Michael Munger apply the lessons of PPE to help students consider controversial policy questions, including recreational drugs, genetic engineering, price gouging, and foreign economic development.


The Game Theory, Equality, Justice, and How Markets Work and Fail modules are now available. Other video modules will continue to be released on a rolling basis throughout Spring 2020.

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