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Why Support the Institute for Humane Studies?

The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) is an education and talent-development organization that engages with students and professors around the country to ensure the ideas of freedom have a strong voice in America’s colleges and universities—institutions that have a decisive impact on young citizens and on public policy.

Our vision is for higher education to be a positive force for greater freedom, opportunity, and well-being for all.

With the support of generous donors like you, IHS makes progress toward this vision by:

  • Supporting Professors to drive long-term impact with their students, on their campuses and through their research.
  • Launching Freedom-Inspired academic careers by helping graduate students secure placements in the tough academic job market through grants, training programs to sharpen their skills and engagement with an intellectual community.
  • Helping Faculty engage undergrads through IHS-sponsored on-campus events, ensuring students encounter the ideas of freedom.
  • Advancing Free Speech and Open Inquiry by supporting professors and academic administrators who are working to advance intellectual diversity through leadership on their campuses.

Your generous tax-deductible investment enables IHS to transform the lives of college students, change the conversation on college campuses, and change the trajectory of public opinion and policy – playing a critical part in advancing a free and open society.

The Institute is an educational organization described in sections 501(c)(3) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue

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IHS is the premier provider of education in the ideas of freedom for college students—reaching them online, on campus, and in person. You can help us reach many more.

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IHS alumni professors will teach an estimated 10 million students over the course of their careers. See how you can help increase their ranks and enable their outsize influence.

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IHS partners with professors across the country to cultivate a true marketplace of ideas on college campuses by facilitating unique on-campus programs.

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IHS is dedicated to connecting students and professors in a community of individuals committed to the power of freedom.