Impact College Campuses

Impact College Campuses

Changing the conversation on campus

IHS partners with professors across the country to ensure students have an opportunity to engage with the ideas of freedom at events on their own campuses.

Through decades of work in academia, IHS has built a growing network of more than 12,000 professors. Partnering with these professors, we are taking the ideas of freedom directly to students through unique on-campus programs:

  • Debates, guest speakers, and panels attract a broad range of students on important topics such as alleviating poverty.
  • One-day and weekend seminars enable interested students to explore the ideas in depth.

Experimenting to learn what works, IHS has increased participation in on-campus events from three dozen students a few years ago to over 15,000 in 2016.

Now we’ve set an ambitious goal: to impact over 40,000 students through on-campus events.

With your support, IHS can partner with many more professors in our network, reach many more students beyond the classroom, and change the conversation on campuses across the country.