Funding for Graduate School

Headed for graduate school? Start strong with funding from IHS.

If you aspire to explore and develop the ideas of freedom as an academic, we want to provide the resources you need to flourish in graduate school and beyond.

Our funding programs are designed to help you get into the best possible PhD programs and produce the best research by while spending less time worrying about money. In addition, when you receive funding from IHS, you also unlock other resources: our network of scholars, career advice and opportunities, and the potential for additional funding and career development programs through IHS.

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PhD Application Fee Waiver

Applying to graduate school? We can help.

Through the PhD Application Fee Waiver program, we reimburse up to $300 in application fees. With lower application costs, you can apply to more programs and increase your chances of being accepted and funded in your ideal graduate program.

In addition to application fee reimbursement, recipients also become eligible for additional funding and career development resources from IHS throughout their academic careers.

PhD Scholarship

Scholarships and Grants

Entering or applying to graduate school? We'll empower you to excel, with $1,500 and career support.

Roger Pilon Fellowship

Students in Columbia University’s School of General Studies are eligible for this special $10,000 fellowship award.

Already enrolled in graduate school?

Already enrolled in a PhD program?

We offer a wide range of supportfor current graduate students:
- Colloquia where you can discuss and refine your ideas
- Additional funding for your studies and research
- Grants to travel for research and conference presentations
- Mentoring from scholars in our academic network