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Our Academic Research Seminars bridge the gap between the academic and policy worlds by connecting liberty-advancing scholars to policy research organizations.  IHS Academic Research Seminars offer graduate students and faculty a unique opportunity to collaborate with public policy experts, and to discuss and shape their research on topics where the classical liberal perspective may be underrepresented.

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Our seminars are often attached to academic conferences, spanning a wide range of disciplines, and are held all over the United States. Not only do our seminars provide a platform for collaboration and networking, but we also provide hotel and travel reimbursement that can offset the costs of attending your favorite academic conference.


Our Faculty Programs team is heavily invested in supporting academics through the advancement of their careers, and fostering opportunities where ideas can influence the political decision-making process.

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March 15th, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri

What Makes a Successful City?

During a weekend seminar, researchers and stakeholders will discuss in detail the reasons why some cities thrive while others decay. Three mixed panels of policy analysts and academics, one keynote address, and a research workshop will provide insight on how we can improve the economic outcomes in cities that report flat or declining incomes. This seminar is co-sponsored with the Show-Me Institute and will take place in St. Louis, Missouri

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October 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT

The Effects of Occupational Licensing on the American Worker

During our seminar, researchers, policy experts, and key stakeholders will discuss current research surrounding the effects of occupational licensing and how best to integrate this research with policy reform. A keynote address and two policy panels will explore how occupational licensing affects economic mobility, health care and criminal justice reform here in the United States. This event is co-sponsored with the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) and precedes the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

November 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Students from different backgrounds looking at laptops and laughing via by Priscilla DuPreez. Academic Research Seminar (ARS)

Beyond the Labor Market: How Do Immigrants Affect Institutions?

During this half-day seminar, key stakeholders will discuss and present new research opportunities concerning the economic effects of immigration. Two panels and a keynote address will use empirical evidence to show how economics affects immigration. This event precedes the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

January 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia

The Federal Reserve and Prospects for Monetary Policy Reform

The Federal Reserve and Prospects for Monetary Policy Reform

During this full-day seminar, key stakeholders will examine the Federal Reserve System’s existing structure. Three panels and a keynote address will address the efficacy of the Fed’s toolbox in setting monetary policy as well as what reforms may be warranted in how the Fed conducts monetary policy and how to improve accountability.

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