Academic Research Symposia

Our Academic Research Seminars offer scholars a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts through moderated panel discussions and breakout sessions, and to discuss and shape their research on topics where the liberal perspective may be underrepresented. These programs go beyond the typical conference experience. Scholars will collaborate in real-time and walk away with potential research questions in their fields.

Are You Looking To Share Your Research Ideas With Experts In Those Fields?

Our seminars are hosted online and in-person and are often attached to academic conferences, spanning a wide range of disciplines, and are held all over the United States. Not only do our seminars provide a platform for collaboration and networking, but we also provide hotel and travel reimbursement for in-person programs that can offset the costs of attending your favorite academic conference.

As part of its Discourse Initiative, IHS is particularly interested in research and programs in the following general categories: Liberalism and Its Critics, Key Challenges within a Free Society, Cultural Challenges within Liberal Society, Contentious Topics within the Liberal Tradition, and Liberalism in Times of Crisis. Learn more about the Discourse Initiative here.

IHS welcomes applications and proposals on these or other related topics from scholars in all disciplines.

Upcoming Programs

April 2, 2021

Women, Minority, and Everyday Entrepreneurs

IHS Series: Women, Minority, and Everyday Entrepreneurs

The Center for Free Enterprise and the Institute for Humane Studies are partnering for a three-part online series, “Women, Minority, and Everyday Entrepreneurs.” Those with research interests in this topic are encouraged to apply.

Each session of the series will feature a panel of experts and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Each panel will be followed by a breakout discussion group where audience members will have the opportunity to raise their own research questions and ideas for feedback with a panel speaker and other members of the group.

April 16, 2021

The Future of Work_ Disruption- Displacement- Discovery

IHS Series: The Future of Work– Disruption, Displacement, and Discovery

What are the burdens of occupational licensing, especially after a global pandemic? How fares the gig economy in such a world? Should we fear robots and automation taking our jobs, or can these innovations create more work for many?

The Center for Growth and Opportunity and the Institute for Humane Studies are partnering to explore these and related challenges and opportunities. Those with research interests in these issues are welcome to apply.

June 2–July 21, 2021

Pandemic ARS

Societal Impacts of Pandemic Responses Series

How effective have responses to the current pandemic been? How could things have been done better or can they be done better going forward? When should we trust experts or be skeptical of their claims - and how do we know when to tell the difference? Are effective responses consistent with respecting civil liberties? Explore these questions and more at “Societal Impacts of Pandemic Responses,” an online panel series cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and the Institute for Humane Studies.

July 30–31, 2021

August 13–15, 2021

Are You Interested in Attending Future Programs?

If you’re interested in attending one of our Academic Research Seminars but don’t see your research area represented, send a copy of your updated CV, and a brief description of your research to us at .

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