How effective have responses to the current pandemic been? How could things have been done better or can they be done better going forward? When should we trust experts or be skeptical of their claims – and how do we know when to tell the difference? Are effective responses consistent with respecting civil liberties? Explore these questions and more at “Societal Impacts of Pandemic Responses,” an online panel series cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and the Institute for Humane Studies. Those with research interests in these issues are welcome to register.

Each session of the series will feature a panel of experts and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Each panel will be followed by a breakout discussion group where audience members will have the opportunity to raise their own research questions and ideas for feedback with a panel speaker and other members of the group.

Session 1

The Economics of Covid-19 and Recovery

June 2, 3-6pm EDT
Panelists: Prof. Ed Lopez (Western Carolina University), Prof. Angela Dills (Western Carolina University), Prof. Audrey Redford (Western Carolina University)

Session 2

Public Choice and Experts

June 23, 3-6pm EDT
Panelists: Prof. Roger Koppl (Syracuse University), Prof. Maura Priest (Arizona State University), Prof. Jessica Flanigan (University of Richmond)

Session 3

Civil Liberties During Pandemics

July 21, 3-6pm EDT
Panelists: Prof. Sean Mulholland (Western Carolina University), Dr. Samuel Director (Brown University), Prof. Chris Freiman (William and Mary University)

You may elect to attend one, two, or all three sessions. Please come prepared to share your ideas for future academic research or public-facing work such as op-eds.

This is an invitation-only event. If you know someone interested in attending, they can apply using this link.

Seats are limited, so apply now!


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