Policy Research Seminars

Do You Want to be Part of Bringing Together the Academic and Policy Worlds?

Our Policy Research Seminars bridge the gap between the academic and policy worlds by connecting liberty-advancing scholars to policy research organizations.  IHS Policy Research Seminars offer graduate students and faculty a unique opportunity to collaborate with public policy experts, and to discuss and shape their research on topics where the classical liberal perspective may be underrepresented.

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Our seminars are often attached to academic conferences, spanning a wide range of disciplines, and are held all over the United States. Not only do our seminars provide a platform for collaboration and networking, but we also provide hotel and travel reimbursement that can offset the costs of attending your favorite academic conference.


Our Faculty Programs team is heavily invested in supporting academics through the advancement of their careers, and fostering opportunities where ideas can influence the political decision-making process.

To inquire about participating, please email Justin Davis at policyresearch@TheIHS.org.

Upcoming Programs

April 8 in Lahaina, HI

Blue water wave and bubbles to clean drinking water

The Challenge of Balancing Competing Demands for Water

In the face of climate change and economic uncertainty, balancing competing demands for water is a growing challenge. The goal of this seminar is to discuss and discover policy solutions for the following questions: What can we learn from the developing world? What institutional arrangements in the United States can serve as models for growing urban populations? What policy reforms will help foster the development of robust water markets in arid regions? What is the role of government?

April 13 in Lahaina, HI

Jones Act

Researchers’ and Stakeholders’ Views on the Jones Act

The goal of the seminar is two-fold: to inform people about how the Jones Act harms the economy in myriad ways without providing security benefits, and to introduce the audience to the Mercatus Center’s new Program on the American Economy and Globalization (PAEG). In this seminar, researchers and stakeholders will discuss their experiences with different aspects of the Jones Act such as cost-benefit analyses, concerns surrounding security and safety including emergency disaster response, trade, energy, agriculture, outsourcing, and equity among regions and industries. Academic researchers will also provide perspectives on how they view impacts of the Jones Act and alternative approaches they have researched.

June 25 in San Diego, CA

Regulators’ and Researchers’ Views on Financial Regulations

Monetary Policy Challenges Facing the New Administration

Join policy and academic experts in a discussion on current positive market expectations amidst institutional challenges within the Federal Reserve System. This program provides an opportunity to use your academic expertise to help our policy partners address questions about the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet and its ability to respond to shocks to the economic and financial system by analyzing various aspects of monetary policymaking and the institutions that play a role in this process. If successful, participants will leave the seminar with a better understanding of pressing issues in their field, promising research opportunities, and network connections that will facilitate future collaboration.

July 7-8 in Austin, TX

Criminal Justice

The Shared Burden of Overcriminalization

In this seminar, we will discuss all facets of a growing problem in criminal justice: overcriminalization. Increasingly, busy lawmakers and unelected bureaucrats resort to the criminal justice system to take the lead in punishing behavior not traditionally seen as criminal, from earning a living free of government interference to the use of property as the owner sees fit. Conservatives, liberals, and libertarians agree that this is a growing problem for the criminal justice system, and this gathering will discuss the contours of the problem, what limits can be put in place, and what can be done to begin to reverse the trend.

August 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Understanding American Liberty and American Interests in the 21st Century

Understanding American Liberty and American Interests in the 21st Century

In this seminar, researchers will discuss their perspective on balancing individual liberty and America’s security interests. Panelists will lead discussions on the state of military affairs, challenges to America’s long-term liberty and prosperity, and the changes necessary to achieve better outcomes. The seminar will conclude with a roundtable on how to achieve those policy changes. If successful, participants will leave the seminar with a better understanding of pressing issues in their field, promising research opportunities, and network connections that will facilitate follow-up action.

Are You Interested in Attending Future Programs?

If you’re interested in attending one of our Policy Research Seminars but don’t see your research area represented, send a copy of your updated CV, and a brief description of your research to Justin Davis at policyresearch@TheIHS.org.

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