Policy Research Seminars

Do You Want to be Part of Bringing Together the Academic and Policy Worlds?

Our Policy Research Seminars bridge the gap between the academic and policy worlds by connecting liberty-advancing scholars to policy research organizations.  IHS Policy Research Seminars offer graduate students and faculty a unique opportunity to collaborate with public policy experts, and to discuss and shape their research on topics where the classical liberal perspective may be underrepresented.

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Our seminars are often attached to academic conferences, spanning a wide range of disciplines, and are held all over the United States. Not only do our seminars provide a platform for collaboration and networking, but we also provide hotel and travel reimbursement that can offset the costs of attending your favorite academic conference.


Our Faculty Programs team is heavily invested in supporting academics through the advancement of their careers, and fostering opportunities where ideas can influence the political decision-making process.

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Upcoming Programs

May 2018 in Bozeman, MT

Resolving Competing Uses for Western Resources and Wildlife Habitat

This two-day workshop is co-sponsored with PERC and will take place at their headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. During this closed event, academics and policy experts will explore the changing demands with resource use in the west and seek conservation policies and practices that embody the principles of free market environmentalism. The focus will be primarily on ways to improve natural resource management while encouraging cooperation over conflict.

June 2018 in Austin, TX

Which Institutions Best Support Prosperity in Texas and Beyond?

This seminar is co-sponsored with the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, Texas. The event features a full-day of keynotes, panels, and a research workshop. Expert scholars will discuss government barriers to competition, and alternatively, how free market policies can better help people become more prosperous overtime. Topics will include institutional structure, taxation, occupational licensing, and corporate welfare.

June 2018 in Montreal, Canada

The Anti-Economics Trend in Technology Regulation: Lessons for Economists and Legal Scholars

During a half-day seminar, scholars and policy experts will discuss how backlash against the use of economics in policymaking is increasing. A keynote address and two mixed panels of academics and policy analysts will discuss how this anti-economics trend affects the commercialization of technology and what, if anything, academics and other scholars can do about it. This event is co-sponsored with the International Center for Law & Economics (ICLE) and immediately precedes the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE) Annual Conference Meeting in Montréal, Canada.

June 2018 in Vancouver, Canada

Embracing a Free-Market Energy Future

During a half-day seminar, scholars and policy experts will discuss how, in practice, government “green energy” policy threatens people’s individual freedom, private property rights, and economic livelihood. A keynote address and two mixed panels of academics and policy analysts will explore how the free-market is a more effective way to achieve a global, clean energy future than the new clean energy laws or excess regulations. This event is co-sponsored with the Pacific Research Institute and immediately precedes the Western Economic Association International Annual Meeting Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

July 2018 in Chicago, IL

Reforming our Institutions

In this two-day seminar, scholars and policy experts will discuss effective policies to defend freedom and limit government encroachment. Various panels will explore how structural reforms to branches of government and state constitutions can encapsulate free-market principles. The focus will be on the policy-making process and the effect it has on the administrative and statutory laws that exist today. In addition, the seminar will identify research gaps and foster discussion in order to increase the amount of scholarship surrounding structural reform. This event is co-sponsored with the State Policy Network and will take place in Chicago.

Are You Interested in Attending Future Programs?

If you’re interested in attending one of our Policy Research Seminars but don’t see your research area represented, send a copy of your updated CV, and a brief description of your research to Justin Davis at policyresearch@TheIHS.org.

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