IHS Summer Seminars

Six Days. Two Seminars.

One Unforgettable Experience.

For nearly 50 years, IHS has gathered the brightest minds to its Summer Seminars. Friedrich Hayek. James Buchanan. Robert Nozick. Now we invite you to join us July 18-24 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Applications will be open soon!

Origins of the Open Society

Explore the full breadth and depth of the classical liberal tradition and the founding of the free society, from the proto-liberalism of Locke and Montesquieu through Smith, Hayek, the Ostroms, and beyond.

Modern Challenges to Liberty

Explore current challenges to the classical liberal tradition from the left and the right, as well as classical liberal approaches to contemporary issues like immigration, race, and balancing liberty and equality.

I attended the event trying to figure out what IHS exactly was. But I was hooked after the second lecture. I’m pretty sure I’ll be an IHS person for life.

– Recent Alumnus

Watch Select Videos from 2021

Here are select videos from Summer 2021: