Julio Rojas-Aguilar

Manager of Donor Relations

Julio joins the Development team as a Manager of Donor Relations, building relationships with major IHS supporters in the Mid-West and Texas. Before transitioning to IHS, he worked in the finance industry as an educational and investment consultant. He graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey with a BA in Economics and a minor in Biology. Originally from Peru. Julio moved to the U.S. in his early childhood. Years later, he was introduced to Milton Friedman and the ideas and benefits of free markets and free society by his high school history teacher. It was that moment that pushed him to major in Economics and first encounter IHS through its online presence. In his free time, you can find Julio listening to political or economic pod-casts or watching online videos like those produced by Learn Liberty. He likes to cook and is learning how to make dishes from all around the world. Julio also enjoys international travel and has been to multiple countries and plans to visit many more.