Marty Zupan

President Emeritus & Faculty Liaison, Leadership Development

Marty Zupan served as president and CEO of IHS from 2001 to 2016. She now leads an effort to identify and support talent in our academic community in university leadership positions such as dean, center director, provost, and president.

Marty’s association with IHS dates to 1989, when she joined as a vice president and later served as senior vice president overseeing all programs.  In her 15 years as president, she led significant growth in IHS’s budget and impact, including a seven-fold increase in student participation in IHS educational programs and building the ranks of alumni professors from 400 to nearly 2,000.

Prior to her career with IHS, Marty was editor-in-chief of the monthly opinion magazine Reason. She has been published in academic journals as well as the New York Times Book Review and the op-ed pages of newspapers. She has served on the boards of several nonprofits, including an independent K-8 school in the Washington, DC, area, and is currently on the board of the New Civil Liberties Alliance.