Shane D. Courtland

Managing Director of Academic Relations

Dr. Shane D. Courtland received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tulane University and is currently employed as a Managing Director of Academic Relations at the Institute for Humane Studies. Previously, Dr. Courtland served as the Managing Director of the Center for Free Enterprise at West Virginia University.

Dr. Courtland’s publications have appeared in Pacific Philosophical QuarterlyJournal of Environmental Philosophy,Journal of Applied PhilosophyJournal of Mind and BehaviorSouthwest Philosophy ReviewHobbes StudiesReason PapersUtilitasStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Routledge’s The Value and Limits of Academic Speech: Philosophical, Political, and Legal Perspectives, Routledge’s American Philosophy: an Encyclopedia, Routledge’s Political Ethics, Wiley-Blackwell’s The Ultimate South Park and Philosophy Book, and Wiley-Blackwell’s House of Cards and Philosophy. He also recently published an edited volume, Hobbesian Applied Ethics and Public Policy (Routledge 2017).

In addition to his work at IHS, Dr. Courtland also serves as the Editor in Chief of the Society of Philosophers in America’s (SOPHIA) journal – The Civil American.