Summer Graduate Research Fellowships

The Summer Graduate Research Fellowship (SuRF) is an invite-only program for graduate student alumni of other IHS programs such as the Humane Studies Fellowship and Summer Seminars. Eligible candidates include advanced graduate students—doctoral or law—who are planning academic or research careers and conducting research germane to the classical liberal intellectual tradition.

SuRF begins and ends with conferences where Fellows present their research and consider the classical liberal tradition.

The program includes a generous stipend plus a travel and housing allowance to attend the two conferences.

The Fellowship director is Dr. Bill Glod, the Philosophy Program Officer at IHS. Dr. Glod joined IHS in 2009 from Tulane University where he taught philosophy for several years. IHS program officers and faculty mentors will also advise Fellows in their respective disciplines.

Program Elements

  • Late May to early August
  • Opening and closing weekend conferences for Fellows to present and discuss their research
  • Mentoring and critical commentary
  • Generous stipend and a travel and housing allowance to attend the conferences
  • Interaction with a community of scholars

Dr. John Thrasher, Assistant Professor, Chapman University

SuRF was an incredibly valuable and stimulating experience. It allowed me to focus on finishing my dissertation over the summer and the in-person program introduced me to other budding scholars, several of whom have continued to be friends and collaborators. The feedback I received on my work was also crucial, not only in developing that work but also in leading me in directions I hadn't previously considered. Financial support is always important, but the ability to meet like-minded students, as well as the opportunity to get and give detailed feedback on one piece of work is incredibly valuable. I would wholeheartedly recommend the SuRF program to other graduate students and I remain grateful that I had the opportunity to participate.

Dr. Gianna Englert, Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University

Without the obligations of teaching, I was able to finish two dissertation chapters during the SuRF summer, once of which was later published as a peer-reviewed article that benefited from the feedback I received as part of the fellowship. The timing of SuRF was perfect, as it enabled me to make meaningful progress on my dissertation before going on the fall job market. I would absolutely recommend SuRF to graduate students, as there are few opportunities like it to take advantage of a few months of funded research.

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