Guide to Academic Publishing with Mike Munger

The most important thing a graduate student or early career faculty member needs to do to secure an academic job, or get tenure, is develop an excellent academic publishing record.

Dr. Michael Munger, Professor of Political Science at Duke University, has worked with IHS to produce short videos that summarize his advice on how to successfully publish academic journal articles and books. He also explains the publishing process for those who are new to it.

These videos are free! Watch the whole playlist below, or keep scrolling to click on the individual topics that interest you.

Professor Mike Munger’s Guide to Academic Publishing

The 11 Videos include:

  1. 3 Simple Rules for Good Writing
  2. The Basics of Academic Publication
  3. The Journal Review Process
  4. The Book Review Process
  5. Editing Your Work
  6. Using Puzzles to Write a Good Paper
  7. The Three Papers Rule
  8. Conference Papers
  9. Turning Class Papers Into Publications
  10. Finish Your Papers!
  11. Conclusion

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