What You Need to Know Before Getting a PhD in Philosophy

Scaling the Ivory TowerIs a getting PhD in Philosophy an attainable career option in today’s world?

Whether you are interested in influencing academia or becoming a scholar at a think tank, obtaining a doctorate degree in philosophy can be a rewarding and realistic step in your career—if you are willing to work hard.

Even getting into a graduate program can be competitive. Dr. Bill Glod notes that there could be over 200 applicants for every five spots at some of the top schools. But with the proper planning, you can be successful despite the competitive field.

In the podcast below, Dr. Glod walks you how to get into a good PhD program—and what to expect once you enroll—so that you can succeed in this field.

A few things you should think about before getting a PhD in Philosophy:

  • Whether a PhD in Philosophy is really right for you, and how to prepare for a career in Philosophy as an undergraduate.
  • Different types of programs in Philosophy.
  • Different methodologies you’ll encounter within the field.
  • How to approach the application process if you are sympathetic to classical liberal ideas.
  • How many programs you should apply to, and what you should be looking for in a program.
  • What classes to take once you enroll.


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